As I have become older, I have listened to so many people talk about how much they are disappointed in their life.  They had plans that for one reason or another, they could not achieve. Maybe they did not go down the career path they intended.  Perhaps they remain single and have given up hope in finding “the one.”  It could be they are faced with a life altering chronic illness and hopes and dreams have had to shift.  Regardless of the disappointment, the theme remains constant with so many people that I have met throughout the years.  I could also consider myself as part of that group when many things in my life shifted around the same time.  As I grew older and had some major health scares, my perspective on life shifted, and it shifted for the better.

Put simply, we are not promised tomorrow.  We are not even promised the rest of the day.  Anything can change in a moment.  There is always an end, but we have most of the control on how we choose to write our story.  While there are some events above and beyond our control, we have the power to chose how we respond to the event.  Every day is a new chapter.

Chronic illness changed the trajectory of my life.  That means some things have had to change for me that are not within my control, at least for now. I do get to choose how to respond and what I will do to overcome challenges that come my way.  I chose to take care of myself, stay positive as much as possible, and say “yes” to the things I have wanted to do but am held back for whatever reason.  I think this is an important lesson for anyone who may be struggling through life.

Join me as I continue to write my love letter to life.  I hope that I can inspire you to write yours as well.


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